Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Get a life ! someone told me. "Where do you find it?", was my immediate question. "Google ?" I thought to myself. Really, where do you get a life? Is life all about performing your routine chores you do everyday? That would be mere existence which every species in this world is capable of doing. Life should mean more than that. I heard an inspirational speech once about "VISION" and "AMBITION" during my graduation ceremony. During this speech and for a brief period of time after that, I felt a tingling feeling in my body. It felt good then but I lost it as it faded away just as a tide recedes from the beach.

Now and then I think about it and every time I do, I feel I have a revelation. Then I thought I would look for an answer in a logical way being an engineer and all that ! The first thing to do would be to form a hypothesis. So here was my hypothesis about life.

Life - A cryptic quest of the species homosapiens through out which they try to understand themselves !

"This is a fair start ", I thought to myself. Then the logical step would be to gather experimental facts that would supplement my hypothesis. I had to look for a "Target Population" in statistical terms to draw a conclusion. Well what better target population exists than the world itself? Great ! I started off interrogating everyone ! Some results are really amazing and I would love to share it with you.

Person 1: For her, life's definition and content were her family. She loves her kids and her husband. That is all to it isnt it? She asked me. I was so confused with that answer that I just ended up agreeing to her. After a while I tried to obtain a certain classification to this definition to life. "Life of a dependent". I had just coined the first category of my sampling data base. A dependent (The word is misleading. A dependent provides so much to the one or many she depends on, that it is very difficult to analyse who depends on who ? ) defines life with the other human beings that she is associated with. The dependent is incomplete without them and strives to keep that bond strong between them.
Life to them is simple. They are engrossed in the well-being of a close knit group. When they are together they are in perfect harmony just as chords of a 6-string guitar. Together they find eternal bliss and are perfectly joyous. Funny part is that this category never put too much thought into such questions and I guess the reason is that they are in equilibrium when they are sharing life with those close to them.

Person 2 : He is the successful person who talks about "VISION" and "AMBITION" like the person who spoke to us on our graduation ceremony. For him, life is "OPPORTUNITY". When he said that, I was awe-struck by his exuberance. He was the kind of guy who would take no shit from anyone. He believed that life's definition is success. The way you use your opportunities to reach your ambition. He did not need anyones help because he feels he and only himself can make a difference. "Life of an Independent".
Though this category seemed to attract my admiration, there was a degree of coldness in them which was repulsive. For them love, emotion and such mushy things were just a waste of time. As a person he was alone but thoroughly successful.

Person 3 : This is the category which was maximum in number in the distribution (Thankfully). "Life of the Interdependent" the category of balanced strengths and weeknesses. They are the responsible sons, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters of a family. They are the "good employees" and "nice employers" who strike a balance in their lives. Life to them is a mixed bag of interesting and uninteresting things.

Then I decided to accumulate my results to help sort out the results of the survey. Of course the "Interdependent" category won the survey hands down but what in their view was life? The answer to this is very confusing. The meaning of life for them is always relative. Relative to their profession, to their position in the family and to the kind of existence that they were going through. When you ask them "what is your Life", they are perplexed. They are not able to alienate themselves from this world. They are so tightly knit with bonds that are too sacred to break free.

I guess as any scientist would tell you "Observation" results in knowledge. In this case how do you seperate yourselves from Life to observe it? This is the very crux of self realization according to me. You can never understand what you are unless you are able to apparate and see yourself and make observations. This scientifically is not possible till date. So you see, my hypothesis remains.

Life - A cryptic quest of the species homosapiens through out which they try to understand themselves !



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