Friday, September 16, 2005

Jargons Galore!

I am a novice to blogging and already my friends tell me "dho da... peter arambichitan !!".

Well I never intended to do that at all. Then again, I am so obsessed with finding the right word that my blog is actually becoming true to its name. Highly "Prosaic". Well, I am making all necessary efforts to loosen up....

I just read an excerpt from Chetan Bhagats, "5 point someone" and found it thouroughly amazing. I totally agree with him that the geeks of our times have to get down on all fours to have a good time with a gal....refraining from discussing sudden but revelating and logical thoughts that might arise in our minds. For, just the other day, I was with one of my colleague in my university bookstore. It was raining that day (I love when it rains. Makes you feel dense) and she was raving about how beautiful she thought the rain was and stuff when she asked what were my views on "dancing in the rain". Well, immediately my logical sense took precedence and I said "You'll just get WET!". dddrrrrring !!!!!!! Wrong Answer, cos she just snarled at me twitching her nose and walked away. I was successful in destroying the moment for her. "How Pathetic are you engineers!", was her comment.

I take the opportunity to solemnly apologize to the engineering community for this masterpiece!

Coming back to my topic, I always wanted to discuss the fundas of using jargons. The world as we know it is filled with it! I believe that we are a witness to a change in paradigm! A rule of the colloquial tongue. For example, you generally greet your friends saying "Hey machi. Whatz goin on da?" Going through the various words, it really doesn't mean anything... but to us chennaiites, thats just a normal way to greet someone.

That's Chennai english for you! A blended potpourri of jargons! You take your car to your friend's place and tell him "let's go for a ride down ECR", "COOL DA" he says. Charles Dickens could never have comprehended that statement. For him the autumn and winter breeze is "cool" and not taking a ride on a placid highway with the sun raging in the sky.

I guess its just the "What’s up Doc!" generation. Walt Disney's Roger rabbit had such an influence in society that the jargon caught up to be a normal statement. Obviously, because of the influence of the western world, we too have caught up with using these jargons. The influences of satellite TV, listening to rock on Mtv (good old days) have literally changed the way teenagers converse nowadays.

All said and done, the westernized clan in any place would still be "peter" to a local chennaiite. The pseud nature of people to be different making anglicized Tamil a medium of communication. So whenever someone says "dho da peter.." I always feel, well some time or the other the change is gonna get to you too !!


  • the line "Whats up Doc" reminds me of "Whats up Dog" :-)... or the yahoo version of it Whadduuuuppp..

    anyways, this whole concept of "whats up" is weird... almost 99.99999% (again this damn engineering trait pops up -- talking in numbers) of the people respond to this question with a "nothing much" answer... and both know that the two statements mean nothing... then why ask??... i almost forgot how we used to start conversations before?

    By Blogger NaiKutti, at 10:25 AM  

  • its true ... but then I guess it is that age old breaking-the-ice thing when u meet a person..

    ure right .. I think at the end of the century people will start taking 5 point someone by CHetan Bhagath as a literary classic???? cos thats the language they would relate to... Dickens and Shelly would be Shakesperean English to them....!!

    By Blogger prosaicblabber, at 9:21 PM  

  • dho da peter....!!! :)

    sorry yaar...sollama irukka mudiyala!!! ;)

    By Blogger kalai, at 5:46 PM  

  • Join the club Kalai! Now you have gained access to my elite friends list !! by saying that .

    Ana eppovum peter ille appappo thaan !!!

    By Blogger prosaicblabber, at 1:04 AM  

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