Thursday, October 13, 2005

Peter Pan!! Where are you??

Since when did your lives become routine?? You get up and stare at the mirror and see a Zombie staring back at you! You just ignore that ugly sight and go on with your daily ablutions and finally drape an attire and then again look at the mirror just to check if the zombie is gone! Hurray! Zombie just made an exit and an engineer is staring at you. Then it occurs to you, did I just wear the same dress a couple of days back? Oh, well Whatever! and you stroll off for work!

The story continues at your work place when your outlook calendar beeps a reminder for a meeting. You go to the same conference room and listen to people jabbing and cribbing about the same thing again and again! Phew what a mind job! At that instant you realize you've grown old! You are shocked at this revelation and helpless because you really cannot do anything about it! Then you tend to ask yourselves, where is the "child" in you. Whenever I hear people say things like "there is a child in everyone", I am totally pissed off. I have to rephrase their statement saying "there WAS a child in everyone".

The other day, I had to do some major time pass and decided to watch "Peter pan" the movie. As I saw the movie, I felt the child in me being resurrected and I began to dwell in thoughts about my child hood. Nostalgia all the way!! You recollect the millions of stuff you did everyday. When some "grown up" said "I'm bored", you would put up a sincere interrogative expression to him and ask Huh? What does that mean? The entire day would be spent as if you were over charged with stimulants! Oh the excitement of being a police in police-robber (a really trivial game with made-up stunt artists (us!) whose parts were played by our gang impeccably). The sheer thrill of trying to mock the sound produced by a gunshot, the innocent claims that the make-believe bullet had just scraped through and so we were still alive (in the game!). Any physicist watching the entire episode would be going "How the hell"! Ignorance was truly bliss....

How did that child in you disappear? I guess in the process of gathering knowledge, which was rather forced on us by the community we live in, the child just made an exit to Neverland. What is Neverland? The adult in me explains that it is a make believe place featured in a kids novel authored by J.M Barrie "The adventures of peter-pan". The child in me who was resurrected at that time started off with praises for Neverland! He started telling me that it is a place of dreams, with no grownups around to tell you to come home for food, with no Nerdy class teachers providing horrible assignments and projects.

I guess when we evolve in this world; we just go through phases which are very unique in themselves. I do not intend to criticize the life of an adult. The life I am currently living has a lot of things I like, for instance the freedom to do what I please (of course, with freedom comes responsibility). So, I guess in the process of "growing up", we sometimes forget how to have fun! I know most of us will find the very thought offensive! Just think about the zillions of weekend rendezvous with friends lead to a stalemate when it comes to discussions on what to do next. You get on the phone with a friend of yours, after a brief exchange of status updates; you get tongue twisted with the phrase "what else is going on??”

These are the times when I am reminded that in the make believe world of Neverland, everyone would have a "Tinkerbelle" prompting you to do fun stuff all the time! I think this is the time we need our guardian angels or fairies to nudge us to go out, get dirty and have fun! Yeah you could be strictly morose to the idea and refuse the very idea that fairies exists and lead a monotonous life, technically perfect. Every time you hear yourselves say, "what else is going on??”, just stand up and yell out "I do believe in fairies, I do, I do". You'll find yourselves having fun even if it means you've embarrassed yourself and your friends in public... Hey such a stunt is fun too...


  • Nice post mann... when i read this i am reminded of this famous dialogue: "Bore Adikutha??... Bore a thiruppi Adi!!!" :-)

    The statement "what else is going on?" is something u would ask to ur friends whom u haven't been close enough with... u would have a good circle of CLOSE friends and am sure this statement never comes in there... as kids our circle of friends was short but as we grow, we meet so many people and they become friends but not really close enough... those are the times this line pops up... :-)

    By Blogger NaiKutti, at 3:25 AM  

  • nice post ..
    seems ve started looking in for child in u!
    one good sign .. is the child in u is alive ..reason.. u ve started thiking abt it!
    its still there ,,,
    with sme more efforts....the child would be back its full form!

    By Blogger pushkala, at 7:38 AM  

  • @naikutti

    Dude... However close you are, you sometimes feel that at the very moment there is nothing else really... but how many times have you felt it when you were a kid... Its like that part of the brain never existed... it evolves when you grow up....


    Yeah man... the kid is alive and kickin... I guess its already in full form...

    By Blogger prosaicblabber, at 9:12 PM  

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